The Applicant shall prepare the application and documentation in Latvian and indicate in the application the type of activity and scope of activity of the planned railway undertaking or shunter, as well as the intended area of operation. The application shall be accompanied by documentation, including documentary evidence, that the applicant has established its safety management system, complies with the requirements set out in the technical specifications for interoperability, common safety methods and common safety targets, other regulatory requirements specified by the applicant and, where applicable, national rules to control risks and provide services safely.

The State Railway Technical Inspectorate evaluates the applicant's ability to operate safely in the railway system in compliance with European Union and national rules, including the evaluation of  the distribution of the applicant's responsibilities in the organizational structure, control at all management levels, involvement of all level of the staff and their representatives and continuous improvement of safety management system, as well as the adequacy of knowledge and methods related to the human factor.

The submission of applications and documents, the request and circulation of all information, as well as the notification of decisions to the applicant shall take place through the One Stop Shop of the European Union Railway Agency.

Jeļena Stepanova

Senior expert in charge of railway policy matters - room 21
jelena.stepanova [at]