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Riepnieku iela 2, Rīga, LV-1050

The purpose of the Development Unit is to ensure certification procedures, observing the conditions of independence, openness and non-discriminatory treatment; placing into service railway subsystems; application of the risk management process; assessment of train drivers and effective creation of all internal procedures (processes).

The Unit performs the following tasks:

  • assessment of safety management systems, making decisions on issuing, renewing and amending the single safety certificate or safety authorisation;
  • placing into market vehicles;
  • certification of the entity in charge of maintenance;
  • placing into service of fixed installations;
  • monitoring of the application of the requirements of the technical specifications of interoperability;
  • recognition of an independent risk assessment institutions;
  • independent assessment of the application of the risk management process and the appropriateness of the results obtained therein, if requested by the applicant;
  • certification of train drivers;
  • evaluation of national rules;
  • planning, monitoring and implementation of safety policies;
  • development of authority planning documents and evaluation of internal processes;
  • service management;
  • planning, use and accounting of budgetary resources;
  • organisation of management processes.


Linda Gailīte

Deputy director, Head of Department - room 10
linda.gailite [at]

Jeļena Stepanova

Senior expert in charge of railway policy matters - room 21
jelena.stepanova [at]

Dainis Lācis

Senior expert in charge of matters relating to transportation of dangerous goods - room 17
dainis.lacis [at]

Terēza Zīriņa

Senior expert manager in charge of railway specialist certification matters - room 21
tereza.zirina [at]

Ārijs Tuņķelis

Senior expert in charge of technical interoperability specification matters
arijs.tunkelis [at]

Jānis Eiduks

Consultant in EU matters
janis.eiduks2 [at]

Juris Zālītis

Legal adviser
juris.zalitis [at]

Ingus Gulbis

Systems analyst / programmer
ingus.gulbis [at]

Inese Saulite

Senior expert/analyst - room 18
inese.saulite [at]

Vladimirs Derevjanko

Senior expert in charge of fixed installation’s matters - room 17
vladimirs.derevjanko [at]

Daiga Tumševica

Senior expert in charge of data protection - room 22
daiga.tumsevica [at]

Ieva Bajāre

Senior officer in charge of management issues - room 15
ieva.bajare [at]