In accordance with Section 5, Paragraph 1 of the Law on Information Transparency, restricted access information is such information which is intended for a limited group of persons in connection with the performance of work or official duties and the disclosure or loss of which makes or may impede the operation of the institution, causes or may cause harm to the legitimate interests of persons.

Information that is considered to be restricted access information is specified in Section 5, Paragraph 2 of the Transparency Law, in external regulatory enactments and also specified in the head of institutions by orders.

The status of restricted information is determined by the order of the Director in the Inspectorate for the following information:

  1. Railway accident investigation documents;
  2. Railway safety certificate documents;
  3. Railway Undertaking Safety Certificate Documents;
  4. Certification documents of railway specialists;
  5. Information obtained from other institutions at the disposal of the State Railway Technical Inspectorate in connection with the European Union, if this information contains indications regarding limited access or confidentiality;
  6. Confidential information which has come to light in the course of official duties and in the exercise of his rights in relation to business secrets and personal data;
  7. Information to which the information provider or the author of the documents has granted the status of restricted access (documents with the mark of restricted access information);
  8. Information on Inspection security, information systems and computer systems;
  9. Railway construction documents;
  10. Statistical information on railway accidents;
  11. Information on inspections of railway undertakings.

How to request Restricted Information?

In accordance with Section 11 of the Law on Information Transparency, a person is entitled to request restricted access information, substantiating the request and indicating the purpose for which it will be used.

In order to receive restricted information, the person fills in a signed information request form (latvian).

In case the restricted information contains confidential information, the person shall submit a signed Confidentiality Agreement in addition to the information request form (latvian).

Information related to the Inspectorate, its clients and cooperation partners is considered confidential information. It is any oral, written or any other technically recorded information that is not publicly available. (For example, according to the Law on Statistics, confidential information is information that includes railway accident statistics).


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