A train driver's license is issued to a person who meets the mandatory conditions of medical requirements, who has a confirmation of physiological suitability for the work of a train driver, who has obtained general basic education and professional education in the field of traction rolling stock and of train driving knowledge, which is equivalent at least to the third level of professional qualification, and who has passed a theoretical exam of the State Railway Technical Inspectorate.

The person who performs the duties of a train driver's instructor is a certified driver in accordance with the procedures specified in Regulation No. 873, who meets all the requirements for a driver, and who has the appropriate practical skills for driving a train. Chapter VIII of Regulation No. 873 determines the requirements for train driver training, where one of the training options is the training conducted by the train driver's instructor.

The railway undertaking, shunter or railway infrastructure manager determines the management of train driver's instructor qualifications and competence (including selection criteria, training, qualification and competence requirements, maintenance and supervision of competence, examination of practical skills, issuance of a document certifying competence, validity period of the issued document, documentation management) in the safety management system.

The person shall prepare the application and necessary documents and submit them to the State Railway Technical Inspectorate. The State Railway Technical Inspectorate shall evaluate the applicant’s submitted documents to the compliance with the requirements specified in regulatory enactments and, if necessary, request additional information regarding uncertainties in the submitted application or documents. The State Railway Technical Inspectorate shall make a decision regarding the appointment of a theoretical examination for obtaining the certificate of competency or a license, and shall notify the applicant thereof. The applicant shall take the exam with the help of computer program in the form of the test, Riepnieku Street 2, Riga. The State Railway Technical Inspectorate shall make a decision on the issuance of a license or certificate of competency based on the results of the knowledge test.  

The European Community model of the train driving license entitles the train driver to work throughout the EU without additional procedures for the recognition of professional qualifications.

A person who has obtained a train driver's license in another European Union country applies to the State Railway Technical Inspectorate, where this person is registered in the “The train drivers’ registration system on driving licenses and harmonized complementary certificates” information system, with the aim of supervising his professional activities in Latvia.

A person who has obtained a train driving license in another European Union country shell obtain the right to drive a train only upon receipt of the harmonized complementary certificate.



A person can obtain train driver education at the following accredited educational institutions (training centers):

Professional Standard and Professional Qualification Requirements and Accredited Programs for
Train driver profession

Locomotive technician profession standard https://registri.visc.gov.lv/profizglitiba/dokumenti/standarti/2017/PS-008.pdf

Professional qualification requirements of a diesel locomotive driver https://registri.visc.gov.lv/profizglitiba/dokumenti/prof_kval_pamatprasibas/2017/PKP-002.pdf

Professional qualification requirements of a electric locomotive driver https://registri.visc.gov.lv/profizglitiba/dokumenti/prof_kval_pamatprasibas/2017/PKP-050.pdf

Register of professional standards: https://registri.visc.gov.lv/profizglitiba/nks_stand_saraksts_mk_not_626.shtml


The examination of psychophysiological fitness shall be performed by an accredited psychologist in accordance with the procedures specified in the Law On Conformity Assessment.

Accredited body performing psychophysiological fitness tests:

November 12, 2020 Accreditation Certificate LATAK registration No. LATAK-S3-227-19-2001, valid until May 11, 2025.


Register of accredited and certified medical persons and institutions that perform medical examinations: https://registri.vi.gov.lv/rap

Scope of knowledge test for train drivers 

Procedure of the knowledge test:

Authorization of receiving a certificate / license:

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