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  • The authorization to drive the train on the railway infrastructure shall be certified by:
    • a valid train driver's license issued by the European Union and the corresponding entry in the register of train driver's licenses;
    • the harmonized complementary certificate and the corresponding entry in the register of train drivers of harmonized complementary certificates.

The train driver's license is issued by the State Railway Technical Inspectorate. The harmonized complementary certificate is issued by the train driver's employer - by a company, the performance of which in the railway. requires a safety certificate or safety permission.

The State Railway Technical Inspectorate shall register the data of the applicant’s submitted documents’ in the unified computerized railway specialists accounting and certification system, as well as in the “The train drivers’ registration system on driving licenses and harmonized complementary certificates” information system .

The State Railway Technical Inspectorate, evaluating the person application and the documents attached thereto, shall make a decision regarding the appointment of a theoretical examination for obtaining the certificate of competency or a license, and shall notify the applicant thereof.

The train driver's license is issued to a person who meets the minimum conditions of medical requirements, who has a proof of psychophysiological fitness for the work of the train driver, who has obtained general basic education and vocational training in the field of train driving, which is equivalent to the third level of professional qualification, and who has passed the theoretical examination at the State Railway Technical Inspectorate.

The train driver's license is valid 10 years. The train driver after 10 years shall retake a theoretical examination to obtain a new license.