Pursuant to Paragraphs 16 and 48 of Cabinet Regulation No. 334 of 6 June 2020 “Procedures for Classification, Investigation and Accounting of Railway Traffic Accidents”, a railway system participant shall prepare and submit a notification to the State Railway Technical Inspectorate after an railway traffic accident.

In order to harmonize the registration and classification of railway traffic accidents, the State Railway Technical Inspectorate has established a common occurence reporting (hereafter- COR) system and invites every participant of the railway system to become a user of this system. The COR includes reporting, classification, data of the rolling stock and infrastructure of accidents and incidents, сasualties and their categories.The COR also provides a complete investigation process with the preparation of an investigation report.

Send the application for connection to the system to the functional e-mail cor@vdzti.gov.lv.

Tatjana Kuzika

Senior expert in supervision matters - room 11
tatjana.kuzika [at] vdzti.gov.lv

Ingus Gulbis

Systems analyst / programmer
ingus.gulbis [at] vdzti.gov.lv