Railway infrastructure management

A railway infrastructure manager that manages railway lines
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Entities which perform shunting operations only in a private-use railway infrastructure or public-use railway infrastructure within the boundaries of one station
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Construction, repair or maintenance of railway infrastructure technical equipment

Entities which perform the construction, repair, or maintenance of the infrastructure
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Issued or revoked safety permits

Information on issued or revoked safety permits (tables)
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The applicant shall prepare the application and the documentation in Latvian and the following shall be indicated in the application:  the information on the safety permit requested (new, renewed, or amended),  the area of commercial activity in the railway sector, a description of the area of commercial activity, indicating the planned activities in the relevant area of commercial activity, the information on the railway infrastructure on which commercial activity will be carried out (if relevant to commercial activity), the information on the complementary activities carried out by the business entity in the railway sector if such are planned, he information on the means of receipt of the safety permit.

The entity shall accompany the application by documentary evidences that it has established a system which enables the its activity in the relevant area of commercial activity in the railway sector.

 The State Railway Technical Inspectorate assesses whether a business entity as a participant in the rail system has the capacity to comply with the relevant requirement and apply them consistently, upon ensuring safe operation of the rail system in conformity with the national requirements, the directly applicable legal acts of the European Union, and the local infrastructure conditions.

Safety permits should be renewed at least every five years.

The safety permit shall be amended if the holder of the safety permit intends to change the operating conditions on the basis of which the safety permit was issued and if this change affects compliance with directly applicable European Union legislation, national requirements or local infrastructure conditions. The application shall be accompanied by documents certifying the compliance of the planned changes with directly applicable European Union legislation, national requirements or local infrastructure conditions

Ērika Tihane

Senior expert manager in charge of business entities certification matters - room 22
erika.tihane [at] vdzti.gov.lv