A entity that is engaged in the construction, repair, or maintenance of the rolling stock if the business entity shall establish a documented system which enables the activities thereof in conformity with the national requirements, the directly applicable legal acts of the European Union, and the local infrastructure conditions.  A entity who performs construction, repair or maintenance of rolling stock shall, in accordance with the specifics of commercial activity, apply the requirements applicable to the maintenance function of the entity in charge of maintenance in the development of the system.

The entity shall accompany the application by documentary evidences that it has established a system which enables the its activity in the relevant area of commercial activity in the railway sector.

  • The applicant shall prepare the application and the documentation in Latvian and the following shall be indicated in the application:
    • the information on the safety permit requested (new, renewed, or amended),
    • the area of commercial activity in the railway sector, a description of the area of commercial activity, indicating the planned activities in the relevant area of commercial activity, the information on the railway infrastructure on which commercial activity will be carried out (if relevant to commercial activity),
    • the information on the complementary activities carried out by the business entity in the railway sector if such are planned,
    • the information on the means of receipt of the safety permit.