The State Railway Technical Inspectorate (hereinafter referred to as “VDZTI”) informs that it carries out the processing of personal data, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter - Regulation) and other requirements of the regulatory enactments of the European Union and the Republic of Latvia regarding the protection of personal data.

1. Data Manager

The personal data manager is the State Railway Technical Inspectorate (Riepnieku Street 2, Riga, LV-1050, e-mail, telephone 67234335)

2. What kind of personal data do we process?

VDZTI performing the functions assigned to it, processes (both in paper and electronic format) various personal data, which allow them to be identified, such as information on name, surname, personal identification code, birth data, address, contact information (telephone number, e-mail address, address), place of work, education, work experience, positions held, photographs, video and voice recordings, language of communication and other personally identifiable information.

3. Purpose and legal basis of data processing

VDZTI processes data in order to properly perform the functions referred to in Article 3 of Cabinet Regulation No. 14 "Regulations of the State Railway Technical Inspectorate" and the tasks specified in other external regulatory enactments. In turn, the legal bases for the processing of personal data come from the Regulation:

  • in order to fulfil the task performed by the VDZTI in the public interest or to exercise the powers legally conferred on the Data Manager (Article 6 (e) of the Regulation);
  • in order to fulfil the legal obligation applicable on the Controller (Article 6(c) of the Regulation);
  • in order to enable VDZTI to pursue a legitimate rights (Article 6 (f) of the Regulation);
  • in order to comply with the data subject's request for an agreement or for the purpose of enforcing an agreement already concluded (Article 6 (b) of the Regulation);
  • on the basis of the consent of the data subject (Article 6(a) of the Regulation).

4. Recipients of personal data

Your personal data may be transferred to VDZTI responsible employees, data processors (including organizers of joint events), state, municipal and law enforcement authorities in cases specified by law.

5. Transfer of personal data to third countries and guarantees

Your personal data will normally be stored and processed in the European Economic Area. In certain cases, if it is necessary to transfer your personal data outside the European Economic Area, we will do so when we have the right to do so and with an adequate level of protection.

6. Personal data storage period

Your personal data will be stored for as long as necessary to achieve the relevant processing purposes, in accordance with the requirements of regulatory enactments, after which your personal data will be deleted, unless the regulatory enactments provide for a longer data retention period.

7. Rights of the data subject in the data processing process

In accordance with regulatory enactments, you have the right to request access to, supplement, correct, delete or restrict the processing of your personal data, the right to object to the processing of your personal data, including the processing of personal data by the VDZTI based on the legitimate interests of the VDZTI, as well as the right to transfer your personal data and to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data.

If you do not want to be photographed or filmed and later publish these materials, when participating in events organized by VDZTI, please inform VDZTI ( in advance.

8. Automated decision-making

VDZTI does not use your data to make an automated decision.

9. Guarantees against data abuse

VDZTI processes your personal data with care for its security through various security measures (such as firewall protection) and confidentiality requirements to prevent misuse, unauthorized disclosure, modification, and unauthorized access.

10. Right to lodge a complaint

If you have any objections, complaints or complaints regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact VDZTI. In case the issue cannot be resolved within the framework of VDZTI, you have the right to submit a complaint to the Data State Inspectorate.

11. Communication with the processing of personal data in related matters

If you have any questions relating to the processing of your personal data, you may contact THE FOLLOWING:

  • by submitting a relevant application to the Inspectorate or sending it by post (Riepnieks Street 2, Riga, LV-1050).

12. Contact information of the data protection specialist

Person responsible for personal data processing: Daiga Tumševica, e-mail:, tel. 67234361.